Welcome to the Future of Online Trading and Investing. Open Binaries Trades on Over 1,000 Top Assets

What Are Binaries?

Binaries are one of the most simple and convenient financial instruments available today. They allow you to open fast, custom built trades on over 1,000 global assets using a variety of investment parameters. A single binaries trade can earn predetermined returns (profits) worth up to 400% of your initial investment.

For example: a One Touch trade on Gold offers an ROI (return on investment) of 87%. You choose to invest $100 and your trade is successful. The sum of $187 will be immediately credited to your trading account balance. This is your original investment of $100 plus your profit of $87.

Trade 5000’s binaries trading platform puts you firmly in control of your own investments and gives you instant access to four of the world’s largest financial markets. When you trade binaries you are investing on the predicted market performance of each underlying asset and there is no need to buy the asset itself.

The platform is connected to the world’s financial markets and is updated in real time, allowing professional level trading and investment.

If your trade expires in the money you would have earned the fixed profit that was quoted on the asset. If your investment fails you will only lose the original sum that you invested in that trade. There are no further liabilities or losses.

Build your own
binary Binaries trades
1. Choose an asset:
2. Combine it with a trade type:
3. Enter your expiry time
2. Choose the amount you’d like to invest:
3. Determine the direction of the market:

Binaries Assets

Assets that can be traded as binaries at Trade 5000 include over 1,000 of the world’s best known forex, commodities, stocks and indices.

The advantages of trading Binaries

Binaries are ideal for modern investors who want to make fast and simple trades.
The simplicity of binaries allows a rapid response to changing market conditions and new trading opportunities.

  • Binaries trading is an entirely transparent process.
  • Learn the basic principles of binaries trading in just minutes.
  • Open trades for little as 60 seconds or as long as 3 months.
  • Quick Options, High/Low, Range and One Touch allow custom built trades.
  • Commission free trading with no hidden fees or charges.
  • High returns on investment of up to 400%.
  • Close losing trades with just one click.

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CFD is an abbreviation of the term contract for difference. A CFD is a simple financial instrument that allows you to make fast and flexible investments on the market performance of a variety of global assets – without ever purchasing any of the underlying assets.

CFD profits are calculated according to the difference in value between an asset price when you open a position and its price when you close the position. If you think an asset price is likely to rise you can open a BUY position. If you think that an asset price is likely to fall you can open a SELL position. CFD traders may potentially profit from any market movement.

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Forex is an abbreviation of the term foreign exchange. Forex trading is simply the buying and selling of foreign currencies on the global markets. Forex markets are highly volatile and reach a daily volume of trillions of dollars. The forex markets produce almost non-stop trading opportunities and can offer experienced traders high profits in a very short time frame.

Any financial or geopolitical event can cause major fluctuations on the forex markets in just seconds. Most Trade 5000 investors consider forex trading to be an important component of their personal portfolios.

You can trade some of the world’s best-known currencies such as the US dollar, British pound and euro as CFDs (contracts for difference) at Trade 5000. When you trade forex as CFDs you are investing on each currency’s market performance and do not actually buy any foreign currencies.

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